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Scam Alert!

Members have reported receiving suspicious calls from Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Rich and Mr. Walters. The callers do not say who they work for, but request detailed information about electric bills.

Carroll Electric reminds you never to give out personal or financial information in response to any calls that you receive. If you receive a suspicious call about your electric bill, do not supply any information. End the call and then notify us of the incident at 1-800-232-7697.


Utility shut-off scam

In this scam, a caller - pretending to represent Carroll Electric - says the consumer's power will be shut off unless the consumer immediately sends money to the scammer using a wire transfer, prepaid money card, or gift card. In reality, the call is not coming from Carroll Electric. Protect yourself by following these tips: 

- When in doubt, hang up. If a caller claims to represent Carroll Electric but makes threats or demands immediate payment, hang up and call Carroll Electric at 1-800-232-7697 (the number appears on your electric bill). 

- Don't trust your caller ID. Callers can disguise the number that appears on your caller ID, making it very difficult to determine where a call is coming from; it may even appear to be coming from Carroll Electric. 

- Ask callers to identify themselves and provide written documentation. If they refuse, it is probably not a legitimate business.

- Carroll Electric will provide written notice of a delinquent account before disconnecting your service. 

- Beware of requests for prepaid money cards or gift cards. These are preferred payment methods for scammers. 

- Don't give out personal information over the phone. 


Don't be fooled by scams

Scammers use a variety of tactics to make their offers seem legitimate. Learn to recognize the signs of a scam to protect yourself and those you care about. Below is a list of most common scams. Learn more about the most common types of scams


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