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Rates & Service Charges

Residential & Public Building Service -

Service Availability Charge $29.50 per meter*

*All meters are assessed the service availability charge. 

The first 100 kWh $0.12695 per kWh*
The next 900 kWh $0.10765 per kWh*
Over 1,000 kWh $0.10465 per kWh*

*Rates are subject to power cost adjustment. Base rates allow for wholesale power cost of $0.07 per kWh. Any change above or below the base rate will be adjusted to reflect the wholesale power cost. 

Security Lights Charges

Security Light $9.80 per month
Security Light with Pole $13.30 per month
Security Light with Transformer $13.30 per month
Security Light with Pole & Transformer $16.80 per month
Security Light - New Installation Fee $50.00 
Security Light - Reconnect Fee $50.00

Additional Charges

Meter Test $30.00
Reconnect Fee $50.00
Reconnect Fee (Disc for Non-pay) $75.00
Afterhours Reconnect Fee $200.00
Collection Fee $30.00
NSF Charge $45.00
Service Trip $30.00
Less than 60 Days Occupancy $50.00
Water Heater Service Call $50.00
After Hours Water Heater Service Call $100.00
Residential Energy Audit $150.00


All rates effective on your electric bill delivered January 2018.

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